I like making mistakes with sewing, I’m honing my skills. I’m razor sharp, boss of the machines.

Mistakes are a big part of any creative process. People have waxed lyrical about the importance of mistakes, and yes, it’s important to try many things out when making stuff – you never know what’s going to work. Another way to look at mistakes, though, is that we only really get 2 things right in this life – birth and death. The rest of the time it’s one inevitable screw up after another.

R&D is all about mistakes/ iterations/ “well shit, that didn’t work”/ “oops I forgot to do something” (such as stitching the tongue together before setting it in place). Even when I think a design is viable, the actual construction process shows me again and again where it can be improved (such as adding a few mms more to the lining topline so that it doesn’t get caught up in the stitching). It’s totally ok that this boot has a few bits that are bollocksed up; though the leather is fancy, the boot is a test and just has to get on the foot and prove that both design and construction are workable.


Remember to stitch tongue and tongue lining together _before_ cementing into place.
Remember to stitch tongue and tongue lining together _before_ cementing into place.


My mind is freaking out that things aren’t perfect** (“they’ll think I can’t sew and won’t trust my work!), but I can’t really fix shitty stitching in leather, I need to just move on. It’s taken me 5 years to get to this point. I am not even pausing because of dodgy stitches.

** This is normal for ASD folk.


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