Subject Object? Mu.

When we make things, it’s neither about the objects as entities themselves, nor our understanding of their subjective contexts. It’s both, and something other-than-that. We shape our world, our selves, by making things and using things. We embody the objects, and they arise through us.

Can we look at things we make Objectively? Subjectively? Mu.

Just make.


The last 2 weeks I:

Made pompoms at The Knot Fibre Festival and wore them to work. The trick to making poms from t-shirting? Before you wind the strips around your pom shape (thanks, Threadbanger!), stretch it – it will curl in at the edges. Note the nice blue pom? Bec made that one. I also made poms to decorate banners for Vulcana Women’s Circus Magnificent Monster show.

Taught people how to use sewing machines. Again, at The Knot Fibre Festival, with Dorothy Walsh. Teaching people how to use their machines, rather than be afraid/ dismissive of them, is a wonderful process. I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again (zen zen sew).

Played. I made flying machines at work (my jellyfish made from pipecleaners, pattypans and paper rocked). I also crocheted some more of my scrumble beanie. Anecdotally, I recognise the critical importance of big kids (“adults”) engaging in creative play and recognise the common blocks we all put for for not playing. I still don’t play enough. I’ll be working through this.

Documented lost shoes on Instagram. How people misplace only ONE shoe is fascinating.

Hosted a skateboard event. The new installation at work is Pat Hoffie’s Immaterial Labour (Skatebowl/ Proun Room). The work highlights the juncture between art, space, and post-industrialism. Better yet, people skate on it.

Thought deeply, worked on restoring my machinery and got on with my work.

IMG_20140706_111508 IMG_20140706_112337 IMG_20140706_121920


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