This little line is A Big Thing

revision crop

This line is the final revision for the Leviathan last. A sample master last will now be produced, I’ll make the sample boot and put on to someone’s foot for fit testing. This little line is a long, long road.

When I started out in November _2011_ I thought it would be a fairly quick process to have lasts manufactured, boots made and on feet. A few months, six at the most.

Apparently not.

Clear communication with manufacturers is vital, but not the lynchpin to getting a product out. The lynchpin is … Do Not Fucking Give Up.

Rant and rave. Talk to people. Think about where things are going. Worry about finances. But don’t give up. You’ve got an idea, and you will find a hundred ways it doesn’t work before you can take a step forward. Then you’ll find another hundred sucky things. Keep on going. Big Things are made of Small Steps.


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