Where’s my stitch(es) at?

Project Carpet Bag has been more encompassing than I thought it would be, though I haven’t sewn a stitch.

Helping Catherine get her shift sorted was an important step for me, and we’ve done so of the last 3 months (3 months? JESUS CHRIST this year is flying by). Meeting up for about 4 hours every 2 weeks does not make for dramatic progression, and we’re moving forward slowly despite the ever-present urge to do-all-the-things-at-once. Catherine looks fab in her new shift, and is making more.

I have a body form on the go, ready to be finished up this Saturday. From here I’m going to draft a pattern for a yoke skirt for some delish fabric from The Fabric Store. So, I’ll have a skirt… I had intended to have so many more decent garments to wear by now, but it hasn’t turned out that way. Firstly, I didn’t allow myself enough finances to purchase the fabrics I wanted (getting that sorted). Secondly, I’ve been crazy busy (not sure how to handle that). However, what I have been able to do is focus. I’m not lured by op-shop finds (except the blue silk dress from the McIntyre Centre at Graceville), and I haven’t purchased any new items of clothes (other than the Guns’n’Roses t from Target, just because I loved it). Not feeling like I need new things is a huge weight of my shoulders.

My shoulders, by the way, are changing. I’ve finally started circus class with Vulcana after 15 years of telling myself I couldn’t do it. I’m a potato, completely unfit, and I am enjoying myself. I may even have muscles on my shoulders in the next few months. I’ve also been to the dentist after 6 years of telling myself I couldn’t do it. I’ve reluctantly given up drinking alcohol. It’s confusing (what do I do now?), and I look wistfully at the wine bottle in the fridge, but I feel better for it. We had virgin margaritas and tacos for my birthday on Monday.


So, Project CB has had an effect I hadn’t counted on – knowing I had a choice and could realistically act on it. My plans in the next 2 weeks (around my job-that-pays-money, job-that-pays-love-and-pocket-money, training-for-second-job-that-pays-money, volunteer-work-1, volunteer-work-2, repairing shoes and negotiating with my last maker in the USA) – finish that body form, draft that skirt, make some leggings with Catherine. Also, the Brisbane vampyre ball is in August, so we’d better work out now what we are wearing so that it can happen. I’m also going to pattern up some footwear for me and the man. Not for the faint of heart.

The photograph is of the glorious Vulcana – if anyone can pinpoint the copyright/ acknowledgement and let me know I’d appreciate it.


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