Don’t give up

It’s been a year overdue, but I’ve finally finished Damned Soles’ core product. Getting to this point has been a long road, filled with the usual crappy suspects. Surprisingly, though, the road started in a very small town in far western Queensland. A sand-change took me out there, a change of circumstances brought me back; in between times I realized that if I could thrive in the middle of nowhere I could probably handle Melbourne (Melbourne = shoe making course at RMIT Brunswick). So I moved to Melbourne in 2011, studied, and moved back home to Queensland.

Really, this was it.

Tracking back just a bit further, I’d taken a few short shoe making courses before through TAFTA and Hallelujah (Fortitude Valley). I feel happiest when I am making, and I enjoy making shoes the most. I realized after a time that I should really be focusing on this rather than working in an office/ retail outlet with people I wanted to stab in the eye with forks.

This year I have been working through my ideas for amazing rollerskates, starting with the seed that Roller Derby girls deserved better boots, and now have Leviathan to show. I’ve had so much help along the way – shout outs to the ladies of Skate Salvage, my friends, and lovingly so to Mr Bat, Ms Mu, Katherine, Aaron & Chris.

Damned Soles Leviathan

Most of all, and unapologetically, a shout-out to myself. I’m a very long way from seeing my dream in bricks and mortar (happy people in amazing skates, created in my Australian rollerskate workshop), but I’m rollin’ there. I didn’t give up. Ira Glass’ thoughts on working through early stages of creative growth were pivotal to my studies last year, and in making test boots this year – there is a _long_ period of time between starting something and seeing it come though as you dreamed it would be. Just keep going, work through it.

Sure, Aristotle & Winston Churchill have said similar things, but it’s not what creative people want to hear. Our hearts are on our sleeves, and we don’t want our work to suck. It will, though. Keep going, get clearer at being who you really are. I believe in you and your dreams.

Ira Glass


One thought on “Don’t give up

  1. Thanks Jen for the great words of wisdom. You help me feel better and a lot less disappointed with my endeavours and creative challenges. I feel ready to get back into it now. I love the Ira Glass poster. I need a room size copy to look at every day. Thank you! Elle

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