Bones and glue

Rethinking the nature of a biography, I realised the importance of overlooked details. Bones are good, but something must hold them together. So, my interest in shoemaking stems from –

  • the challenges it presents – shoemaking is a unending mathematical puzzle, and maths is sexy and stimulating;
  • it is an ancient craft, and somewhat unknown in our post-industrial age – I believe we should engage with such crafts, broadening our own horizons and sustaining them for future generations;
  • it relies on physicality and presence – I am constantly aware of my hands, body, and breath when I make shoes; if my mind wanders, I make errors. Plus, I thoroughly enjoy being aware of my world.

I’ll be exploring these specifics through the blog – the whys and hows of making shoes, why it matters as a craft and how you can sustain it, and the importance of presence in all things.


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