A difficulty in writing a biography

I love reading blog biographies, but I always feel like a bit of a wanker writing one for myself.  The underside of this is fear that those who know me best will privately disagree, and think that I’m making shit up to sound better.  This, of course, is bollocks.  Those who know me best are loud and vocal, have known me for years, and still love me.  I’m still inclined to turn the task over to others, but I’ll not do that.  At least not this time.

My name is Jen, and I’m a slow thinker. My thoughts, emotions and experiences settle onto paths within unknown countries, far from the direction of consciousness.  I am learning this, and so much more, about myself as I study shoemaking at Melbourne’s RMIT.  My heart belongs in Brisbane, though, and I’ll return there soon with Daughter to my Man and Dog.  Museums and the making of meaning are my professional fields; I’ve always yearned for the Next Big Creative Idea, and 2012 is my year for pursing this through custom fit roller derby boots. Like many people, I have enjoyable hobbies and prickly opinions – why don’t you hang about a while and we’ll talk things through, discussing entrepreneurship and shoemaking along the way.


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